Northern Scholarships

Scholarships and Bursaries for Northerners

Cameco Northern Scholarship Program

Offers scholarships up to $7,500 for northern Saskatchewan students entering a university degree program and up to $5,000 for students entering trades or technical training at a recognized technical institute. Scholarships up to a total of $100,000 per annum are awarded under this program each year. Applicants must be residents of Saskatchewan’s north and have lived in the north for a minimum of ten years or half their life preceding the date of application. Academic performance, residency and career interest are considered in the selection process. Applicants who wish to pursue a career in the mining industry are favoured.

Scholarship winners must provide Cameco with the following no later than August 31 in the year in which the scholarship is awarded:

  • written acceptance of their Cameco scholarship;
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN); and
  • a recent photograph to be used at Cameco’s discretion.

Application deadline: June 30

For more information contact Russel Mercredi (306) 425-6298

Northern Scholarship Application Form

Areva Northern Saskatchewan Scholarship Program

Since 1979, AREVA Resources has supported Northern education through scholarships. Continuing through the decades, we currently offer ten university scholarships ($5,000 each), ten institute scholarships ($5,000 each), and five designated trades scholarships ($2,500) every year.

Deadline: Last working day of June each year

Eligibility Guidelines:

Candidates for the Northern scholarships must:

  • Qualify as a Resident of Saskatchewan’s North in accordance with the definition outlined in the Human Development Agreement between the Province of Saskatchewan and AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (available below)
  • Qualify for entrance to a University or Technical Institute program in Saskatchewan.
  • By applying for courses or a program, which in the opinion of the AREVA Scholarship Selection Committee, would benefit the North.
  • Forward an official copy of his or her marks to the La Ronge Northern Affairs Office upon completion of each semester.

Northern Scholarship Application Form

Resident of Saskatchewans North Definition

Northern Spirit Scholarships

Developing people and developing communities go hand in hand. That is why NEFI supports the education of individuals through the Northern Spirit Scholarships program. To date, NEFI has awarded over 240 renewable scholarships of $2,500 each to promising students in northern Saskatchewan. In 2003, 25 awards were made from among 60 applicants. Scholarship recipients are chosen based on students’ marks and potential contribution to northern Saskatchewan.

Scholarship Program Application Form


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