Aboriginal Scholarships

Indspire – Indigenous education, Canada’s future.

Now that you have your dreams in sight, let us help you achieve them. The Building Brighter Futures: Bursaries and Scholarship Awards can provide you with the financial security that can assist you in completing your educational goals.

Indspire works hard to assist Indigenous students across Canada. Let us help you – the application process is simple and very rewarding for you.

Indspire has seven different awards that can help you meet your educational needs. Read the guidelines very carefully to ensure the application is tailored to your educational goals. Be sure to include all the necessary components of the application and submit them by the deadline indicated on the forms.

Select: Application Guidelines & Application Form

For more information visit the following link: Indspire

Aboriginal Student Awards Program

The RBC Royal Bank Aboriginal Student Awards Program was launched in 1992 to assist Aboriginal students to complete post secondary education, and provide an opportunity for RBC to strengthen its relationship with the Aboriginal community.

All status Indians, non-status Indians, Inuit, or Metis are eligible to apply. An independent committee of aboriginal academics reviews all applications and makes its final selections based on each individual’s financial need.

In addition, recipients who indicate an interest in pursuing a banking career are considered for summer and postgraduate employment at RBC.

For more information and to apply follow this link: http://www.rbc.com/uniquecareers/campus/aboriginal-student-awards.html

Aboriginal Scholarship Awards Program

Value: Various
Number: Various
Eligibility: Must be of aboriginal ancestry and enrolled in full course load leading to diploma or degree in the petroleum industry in Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C., and the territories.
Donor: Imperial Oil Limited
Deadline: June 15
National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation
Apply on line at http://www.naaf.ca/html/post_secondary_e.html
NAAF’s post-secondary education bursary awards program or by phoning


Napoleon LaFontaine Economic Development Scholarship Program

The Napoleon LaFontaine Economic Development Scholarship Program was established to encourage Saskatchewan’s Métis is to pursue full-time education and training in academic studies that lead toward their social, cultural and economic development.

Napoleon LaFontaine was instrumental in organizing the Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians of Saskatchewan. Over the years, he devoted himself to developing social and educational policy for Aboriginal People. These scholarships are so named in recognition of his many contributions.

Currently Napoleon LaFontaine Scholarships are awarded as Entrance Scholarships, Undergraduate Scholarships, Graduate Scholarships, Graduation Scholarships, Loan Remission Scholarships, and Special Scholarships.

Select: NLS BrochureNLS Application

Canadian Medical Association Special Bursary Program For Aboriginal Medical Students

Amount: $4,000
Number: Several Canada wide
Eligibility: Undergraduate medical students of Aboriginal ancestry (status, non-status, Inuit and Metis).
Requirements: Applicants must be accepted into first year of medical school or be enrolled in second, third or forth year. The selection will be based on those who require financial need. First year students will need official transcripts, proof of Aboriginal ancestry, and an acceptance letter from college of medicine upon applying. It’s optional to write a brief summary about your reason for applying for the CMA special bursary.
Deadline: February 5
Contact: Canadian Medical Association
Coordinator, Special Bursary Program
For Aboriginal Medical Students
1867 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, ON K1G 3Y6

Chase Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,700
Number: 6
Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Requirements: Applicants must be of Aboriginal decent and a resident of Saskatchewan. The applicants with needs of financial assistance will be considered. You must be attending the University of Saskatchewan.
Deadline: February 15
University of Saskatchewan, Student Awards
105 Administration Pl.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2

D.R. Simmons Memorial Scholarships

There are two scholarships of $500 available annually to graduating Grade 12 Saskatchewan students of First Nations or Métis ancestry who are continuing studies at the post-secondary level.

Applications are available from Student Services or print application below. Deadline for application is October 15.

Donald R Simmons Scholarship Application


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