Young Women in Trades – Oct 22 La Loche & Oct 23 Beauval

Young Women’s SKILLS WORK! Program

A One Day of Career Exploration in Skilled Trades for grade 9-12 young women

  • meet female role  models who work in skilled trades and technical occupations
  • participate in a series of hands-on tasks associated with a variety of trades
  • discuss career options and opportunities

Contact information for Registration purposes: Courtney Einsiedler: (306)-370-1899

Choose which date your young women will attend:

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 in La Loche Community Hall Robbie Fontaine Memorial Arena

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 in Beauval Valley View School

Skills Work! Young Women Conferences encourage young women to consider careers in the skilled trades and technologies by educating them on these areas, providing them with career information and exposing them to tradeswomen who serve as role models and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the skilled trades and technologies. In a non-threatening environment, surrounded by other women, these young girls are invited to participate in several interactive try-a-trade stations that develop their hands-on skills using a variety of tools and materials. Not only do these young women have the opportunity to develop their skills and gain confidence in their unique skills and abilities, they have fun while doing it!

The tradeswomen will work with small groups in a guided setting to:

•          share their stories, experiences in their careers

•          prompt the girls to discuss their career aspirations through group discussion

•          guide a series of hands-on tasks associated with a variety of trades (try-a-trade interactive stations)

SaskWITT: Sask WITT is a volunteer provincial organization that encourages and assists in the successful employment of women in predominantly-male trades, technology and operations occupations. They have been operating in Saskatchewan for over 20 years and are affiliated with National women’s organizations with similar goals. Since 1991, SaskWITT has been partnering with SIAST WITT programs to deliver career exploration programming across Saskatchewan to girls and women. Since 2000, SaskWITT and SIAST WITT have been working with Skills Canada Saskatchewan to extend their reach through programming for high school girls in conjunction with the annual Skilled Trades competitions.

We have seen moderate changes in women’s participation in skilled trades careers since our inception – doubling in that 20 years – but still less than 4% in construction trades, for example.  Over the years, we have learned many lessons.  We know that very few young women consider careers in skilled trades. Many variables factor into their decision-making and we have developed age-appropriate programming to address several of these factors.  By employing role models, we are able to speak to many of the social barriers and by putting tools in their hands, we are able to provide a taste of the satisfaction that comes with designing, creating, repairing  and constructing trades-related projects. 

Project Description:  A team of Saskatchewan tradeswomen is coming to Northern Saskatchewan communities to deliver a one-day activity-based career session to assist young women to assess their suitability for careers in skilled trades.  We are also recruiting some northern tradeswomen to assist us with delivery of the program and to prepare them to continue to promote trades opportunities for girls and young women.


Skills Canada Saskatchewan: Skills Canada Saskatchewan is a not-for-profit organization that works in partnership with education, business, labour and government to carry out our mission and goals. Our mission statement is to promote skilled trades and technologies as a first choice career option for Saskatchewan’s youth. We strive to improve the public perception of the importance of trades and technology-based careers, promote career path opportunities within trades and technologies, develop and maintain strong links with partners and encourage students to recognize the value of completing secondary education for personal development and future employability.

Look for updates! Skills Canada Saskatchewan Northern Regional Competitions in early 2014


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