Job Coach Training Opportunity:

Job Coach Training Opportunity:

November 18 to 21, 2013 Prince Albert

Registration fee: $500 per person – transportation, room and meals are not included.

Contact Lorri Solomon-Mathewson for registration and information at 306-575-8330 or email her at

For more information on Lorri and her work go to:

Join your colleagues in career and employment services for this small group Job Coach training experience.

This Supported Employment course will deliver the  entry level skills of observation, documentation and basic supports and  case management needed to pursue a path in  in career and employment services or provide a service supporting individuals with barriers to employment, including people with or without a disability to assist them to better participate in their community.

These skills apply to helping others to achieve job success. Most barriers to employment and disabilities are invisible: ADD, ADHD, mental illness, epilepsy, learning & cognitive disabilities; and others that prevent an individual from participating in the workforce in a way that is them.

Job coaching careers are popping up everywhere to support help these individuals meet their employment challenges. There are many opportunities and career paths available. This 4day course is a great start, and there is work.


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